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HL - Professional Training & Education


At Active Beauty Care, we believe that knowledge is the key to success and we place priority to educating and training professionals on the products, advanced treatment techniques as well as key actives that make HL professional skincare especially active. We customize seminars to suit the needs of the professional practice focusing on specific skin types, aesthetic conditions or specialized treatments. In addition, our senior trainer is always available and provides one-on-one education opportunities tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Active Beauty Care seminars are available to licensed professionals only.


For the full education calendar and more information contact the Active Beauty Care team by phone 021.318.6575 or e-mail:

HL Professional
Skincare Home Regimen 

Introductory seminar, covers HL daily care products, key active ingredients and daily home skincare regimen recommendations.

Chemical Peels

Fundamentals and advanced treatment techniques for complex skin conditions using proprietary blends of 7 key actives to offer an effective, result-oriented and safe skin renewal procedure.

HL Professional

Skincare Product Overview  

An in-depth look at most popular HL professional treatments, including treatment techniques, instructional application and key active ingredients.

Understanding Intrinsic And Extrinsic Aging

An in-depth look at the cutaneous aging process, treatment and product recommendations for preventing and correcting signs of premature aging and the signs of photo-aging.

Diminishing Deep Wrinkles

A look at fine line and deep wrinkles, including treatment and product recommendations to achieve firmer, smoother, younger looking skin.

Ultra Soothing Skin Rehabilitation Treatment

A super soothing treatment designed to offer immediate relief for red, irritated and sensitized skin; calms, soothes and replenishes targeting the cause triggers to help achieve long-lasting relief.

Skin Luminosity

and Radiance

Treatment protocol and home regimen to effectively help minimize hyper-pigmentation spots with maximum efficacy and long lasting results.

Rejuvenate and Beautify

Treatment protocol and home regimen to effectively help minimize hyper-pigmentation spots with maximum efficacy and long lasting results.

The Essentials Of Skin Analysis

The basics of an effective and in-depth skin consultation prior to designing a personalized beauty prescription, learning the paramount aspects and importance of a complete and thorough skin assessment for every individual client to establish the complete essential information that is needed to enable professionals to tailor a complete home care and professional treatment regime.

Treatment for Problem
Prone Skin

Step-by-step treatment protocols to improve, balance and correct the aesthetics of problem prone skin for visible results.

More Active Beauty Care seminars include

Treatments for Dehydrated Skin

Treatments for Dry Skin

Treatments for Him
Pore Minimizing and Milia 

Red Carpet Facial

and more

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